Invest In Women

WeWarriors believes in women. We invest in training and jobs for women, just as we invest in products that help women live their lives to the fullest. Reusable products save money in the long run, but they require an investment up front, and not all women have money to invest in themselves.

In the process of developing WeWarriors, we have created thousands of prototypes. The prototypes here work as well as our final product, but may have different stitching, or uneven turns, and they don’t meet the standards of our store.

Help Us Give Back

Buy a prototype WeWarriors EcoPad (or a package of them) at a reduced cost, and we’ll include the adhesive WeStick for free. Then we’ll deliver them to groups that support women who need help buying sanitary products — something most of us take for granted. If you wish to make a large donation of these pads (50+) to a specific organization, email us with the details, and we’ll ship them there for free.

Purchase for Other Women, Nominate an Organization, or Donate Directly

If you know of an organization that helps women get back on their feet, please nominate it for donations at If you want more information on how TESSA helps women escape partner and sexual abuse in the Pikes Peak region, please visit them at

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