At WeWarriors, we believe all women should be able to live each day to the fullest, fearlessly and uninterrupted. Every woman can be a warrior.

WeWarriors is a women-owned and operated company committed to offering solutions that make it possible for women to live life fully. Our mission is to enable and empower women to be their own, unique kind of warrior through the development of innovative, socially-responsible, and eco-friendly products.

Creating the best solutions takes time, and we hope you will be as excited as we are about our startup. If your order is back-ordered when you purchase, we will work diligently to get it to you as quickly as possible.

Our Founding Warriors

While doing front squats at her local gym, Amy started to leak a little every time she stood up. It wasn’t much, but the effect was cumulative. Amy scoured the internet for solutions, tried several, and didn’t like what she found.

Frustrated, she called her business partner and close friend, Cathy, and learned that Cathy had urge incontinence, a different type of incontinence. Cathy had also tried commercially-available options and refused to use any of them on a regular basis.

Determined to provide a better solution, Cathy and Amy began to develop WeWarriors. Today, they are committed to helping women regain power over their lives with a solution that is both economically and environmentally friendly. They believe that a small thing like bladder leaks shouldn’t keep you from doing everything you want to do.


WeWarriors became possible with the collaboration of many women.  Our company is small now, but our ranks continue to grow.  Women represent more than half of our population, but we have had very little say about the products, attitudes, and policies that affect our everyday lives.  Today, as women speak out with more confidence and unite to help one another, we expect positive change.  We want you to join us as we develop this vision. We hope our open discussions, financial support, relevant products, and media presence will be one more step in bringing women together to improve the lives of women and our world.

We empower women with products that allow them to live life fully, to be active with confidence, and in all places to have peace of mind. WeWarriors believes in giving back.  We carefully source materials and we manufacture in the United States, creating jobs that sustain and support women. We have committed to supporting organizations that improve the lives of women. Our ultimate goal is to give back a full 10 percent of the founders’ profits.

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