Is Our Pad Right For You?

  • Don’t give up your favorite underwear—works
    with the clothes you own now
  • Eco-friendly materials—plus the bamboo and
    organic cotton exterior is super soft!
  • Reusable and economical
  • Stays in place with a wash-away adhesive; no
    sticky residue
  • Antimicrobial with odor defense
  • Made in the USA

Reusable … Healthy … Economical … Made By Women

WeWarriors is a reusable product created for all women with mild to moderate bladder leaks

With an innovative design (patent pending) and ultra-absorbent technology, WeWarriors EcoPads provide a unique solution for mild or moderate urinary leaks.

With WeWarriors, you no longer need to worry about light bladder leaks when you run, jump or laugh. WeWarriors is safe to use daily—simply wear, wash and wear again.

WeWarriors hold up to 5 teaspoons of liquid. This is comparable to most incontinence panties that are designed to be worn all day. However, WeWarriors can be changed out easily as needed to help wearers stay fresh, so they are not sitting in something they’ve peed in.

They are also more affordable than incontinence underwear and allow women to wear the panties and shapewear that they already own and feel comfortable in.

WeWarriors Mission

At WeWarriors, we believe all women should be able to live each day to the fullest, fearlessly and uninterrupted. Every woman can be a warrior.

WeWarriors became possible with the collaboration of many women. Our company is small now, but our ranks continue to grow.

Women represent more than half of our population, but we have had very little say about the products, attitudes, and policies that affect our everyday lives. Today, as women speak out with more confidence and unite to help one another, we expect positive change.

We want you to join us as we develop this vision. We hope our open discussions, financial support, relevant products, and media presence will be one more step in bringing women together to improve the lives of women and our world.

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